Strategic Development Zone, North Quays, Waterford

In January 2016 Waterford City and County Council achieved Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) designation for the North Quays area of Waterford City, this acknowledges the area nationally as a key strategic site for economic and social development.

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This designation of this existing brown field riverside site in the heart of the City Centre allows for a holistic plan-led approach to development on the North Quays and a fast-track planning procedure.   Its development will connect the north of the City, extend the City Centre and also open up land for development in the Ferrybank/Belview area.

In 2017 and in accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) a Draft Planning Scheme was prepared, setting out how the SDZ site is intended to be developed.  In February 2018, following a statutory consultation period, Waterford City and County Council members decided by resolution to make the Waterford North Quays Planning Scheme.

The Vision for the North Quays is:

  • To create a sustainable, compact extension to the City Centre that will serve a future population of 83,000 people;
  • A regeneration catalyst for the City and Region and the establishment of a sustainable modern City quarter;
  • Creation of an integrated multi-modal transport hub designed to sustainably meet the access requirement of the City; and
  • Building on the context and the riverside location of the site to create a high quality urban quarter as a natural extension to the City Centre.

The Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) requires that development within a SDZ be in accordance with the relevant Planning Scheme and that any proposed development that is deemed to comply with the Planning Scheme must be granted planning permission.

A copy of the Planning Scheme, together with accompanying Environmental Reports and Natura Impact Report and Chief Executive Report are available for review on our SDZ Planning page.